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Wondering what kind of boxers you should get next?  Looking for ideas from other people?
Well, I am no fashion expert, but below are some suggestions for you.
Of course, if there's something you would like to recommend to be featured on this page,
send your idea right way to be added to the list.

If you have pictures of guys wearing the boxers featured below,
be sure to send those in also to be added to this page.

(Click on pictures to see full-size views.)

A great fun addition to anyone's
wardrobe.  Will make you feel like
a kid again.  Also available in silk.
Find out more here.
If superman wasn't your favorite
superhero, maybe spiderman was.
Who says you can't have
fun underwear anymore.
Find out more here.
Nothing says fashion like Tommy
Hilfiger.  I heard results from a poll
which stated girls preferred white
boxers on guys over all others.
Find out more here.
You can't go wrong with J. Crew
pigmented dye knit boxers.
Available in a variety of solid colors.
Find out more here.
Another popular J. Crew item are
these cotton jersey boxers.
Available in white, gray, and black.
J. Crew is always in style.
Find out more here.



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